Donate your Miles to help fly us around Canada in fall 2013

Help us get more volunteers to complete development projects abroad

Starting in September, Developing World Connections will be travelling to various universities and events in British Columbia and throughout Canada as a way to promote our organization to people who are interested in volunteering abroad. As a small grassroots organization, we simply do not have the budget for splashy advertising campaigns so we rely on these types of events to bring awareness about Developing World Connections. Plus, face-to-face contact and sharing stories of our work is the best way to inspire people to get involved with the community development projects that we support in Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, Rwanda, Swaziland, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Volunteers are crucial to making these projects happen so we would greatly appreciate any amount of unused Aeroplan Miles you have so we can get more people working on sustainable, community led projects in the developing world.

If you have any questions about our organization, please visit our website at or email us at

Thank you for your generosity!

Posted by: Developing World Connections, BC on April 23, 2013.