Pawan’s has already undergone two major surgeries in Nepal

PAWAN, a handsome little Nepalese boy, was born Nov 27, 2011, into a poor family living in a tiny village in the sub-tropical grasslands of southern Nepal, not far from the Indian Border.  His parents are subsistence farmers with no cash income.  He has one brother, only a few years older.

During Pawan’s short life he has already undergone two major surgeries in an effort to correct some serious congenital abnormalities in his urinary system.  Neither operation was successful.  Doctors in this small, third world Himalayan country are unable to provide the complicated treatment and care he requires.  The family does not have the financial resources to seek medical assistance abroad. 

Medical Mercy Canada, through the auspices of the “Herbie Fund” at Sick Children’s Hospital, Toronto, has been able to obtain medical help for Pawan.  The cost of his treatment, surgery and post-surgical care will be covered by the Fund.  Dr. Anupam Basnet, a Pediatrician at Kanti Children’s Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal, will provide Pawan’s follow-up care in consultation with the Toronto physicians.

Members of the Non-Resident Nepali Association in Toronto, have committed to hosting Pawan’s father and the child during the toddler’s hospital stay and post-surgical rehabilitation.   Father speaks no English.  This will be his first trip outside of Nepal.  Familiar surroundings and language in the home of his Nepalese hosts will help make a daunting experience more manageable for our visitors.

Medical Mercy Canada will be official sponsors for Pawan and his Father, responsible for their air travel and stay in Canada.  His surgery is scheduled for April 26th, 2014.

Posted by: Medical Mercy Canada on March 25, 2014.