The Prairie Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project is now complete

The major goal of this project was retrofitting the inlet and outlet of an aging culvert (pictured) under the Ram River Gas Plant Road with a fish-friendly end piece and stable upstream inlet structure. Due to the height gap between the culvert outlet and the surface of the pool into which it drained, some sizes and species of fish such as Burbot and Spoonhead Sculpin were be unable to move through the culvert into upstream habitats because of their inability to jump up into the culvert and due to the high speed at which water was flowing through the culvert.    The construction of a downstream riffle to raise the water level in the pool and culvert, and the installation of baffles in the culvert end-piece to slow water down and provide resting pockets for fish moving through the culvert,  help ensure that fish of various sizes and species living in Prairie Creek near Rocky Mountain House in Alberta can travel both ways through the culvert to reach a wider variety of habitats.    The Prairie Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project received funding through the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program, administered by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The project was a partnership between TUC and Husky Oil.  Additional contributions to the project were made by Fish Creek Excavating Ltd and Nilex, both of whom donated time and materials for the construction of the riffle, and for reclamation.   Please check out the Let's Go Outdoors Blog by clicking here for a complete video record of this project.

Posted by: Trout Unlimited Canada on November 10, 2015.