We received really heart-wrenching news this week.  Because of circumstances outside their control, Maylee’s orphanage has reached a point where they can’t see a way to process her adoption.  In January we found out that the organization that was to be responsible for processing Maylee’s paperwork with the Taiwanese Government had had its adoption license suspended.  They were reassessed after a period of time, and they failed their reassessment.  We’re not sure exactly when this happened, or why.  But because Maylee’s orphanage doesn't yet have their international adoption license, they had partnered with this organization - as it had a history of successfully processing many international adoptions.

Since this became apparent, Maylee’s orphanage, and the Alberta Provincial Government, have approached 5 different agencies in Taiwan - asking if they would help process our adoption.  We found out this week that all have said no.  From what we understand, the system for adoptions in Taiwan is changing and it’s become an intensive effort to get approval for new cooperations (i.e.: between an agency and a new province/country).  

We’re told that adoptions in Taiwan aren’t common, and especially so for special needs children.  For this reason, Maylee’s orphanage says they still have a bit of hope, but they don’t know who else to ask at the moment.  They recently passed their inspection and got an “A”, which means that they can apply for an international adoption license - but they first have to process domestic adoptions for 3 years, before an international adoption license is granted.  

We spoke with our Provincial contact here and our plan now is for them to contact their Federal counterparts and the Canadian Embassy in Taiwan to see if we can approach the Taiwanese Government and ask for a special exception in Maylee’s case.  We’re essentially asking for a miracle.  And we’d be so grateful if you would pray with us.  We know that Maylee is God’s precious child, and we hope and pray that His plans for her life involve her becoming part of our family.  We’re at such a difficult spot - when what we thought was possible and certain becomes something that seems impossible.  But it’s not for God - and we’re trusting in Him (and we’ll trust in him however this unfolds).  As our hearts ache…  


Christine & Rick  

PS from Christine - this has been the song that has resonated with my heart these last couple months: Lauren Dangle - Trust in You  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_aVFVveJNs  

Posted by: Bringing Maylee Home on March 19, 2016.