A snapshot of some of TUC's achievements in 2016

In 2016, TUC led initiatives which saw

  • 8,500 hours of research conducted by 315 people dedicated to support the development and success of restoration and management plans for Canada’s water
  • 7,500 fish rescued and repatriated across Canada
  • Over 3,500 trees planted to fight climate change, improving air and water quality
  • 21 kilometres of streams and rivers repaired, increasing animal habitat and protecting and enhancing fish populations while drastically improving water quality and battling climate change
  • Over 41,250 people educated through our national education programming improving knowledge and awareness in non-point source pollution, water quality and stream restoration
  • 450 presentations, talks and tours delivered, interacting with 17,530 people, engaging and empowering Canadians to take ownership of their local waters

None of this could have been accomplished without the generosity of our supporters.

Posted by: Trout Unlimited Canada on April 03, 2017.