Thank you so much for all your donated miles

I can't believe we're already almost halfway through the year! I'm constantly astonished at how quickly time flies! But (to no-one's surprise, I'm sure) I've been keeping busy and have already notched up a few trips this year, with more to come. Thanks to our generous mile donors, I was able to spend a month in Australia doing a series of talks and working with the incredible animal rights movement there, head out west to speak in Vancouver and Seattle, and spend a few weeks in Europe speaking and attending an exhibit that featured We Animals images in Helsinki (check out the great video of the event above!). These trips are possible thanks to people like you generously donating your unneeded miles to allow me to get to animals who need our help and tell their stories to as many people as possible. 

I still have lots of travel left this year, with another trip to Europe coming up, a few trips to the United States to talk about my upcoming book Captive, and hopefully a trip to Asia.   

Your donated miles help and my team help animals. On their behalf, thank you.

With love, 


Posted by: We Animals on May 01, 2017.