Low-cost way to study whale & dolphin populations

Good conservation and management efforts rely on knowing how many animals are in a population, and whether the population is going up or down. But ship time to monitor whale and dolphin populations is expensive. We just launched our Animal Counting Toolkit, which offers practical tips for low-cost, small-boat surveys. Designed for students, nonprofits, and researchers working in countries where funding for marine science is severely restricted, we've made the toolkit completely open source so anyone can access the methods for free.

Thanks to your generous support, we designed the toolkit in Canada, and have used it already in Indonesia. We are now ramping up our Aeroplan Beyond Miles campaign to try to scale up the use of our Animal Counting Toolkit, wherever the conservation need is greatest.

Thank you for supporting our ocean conservation work.

Posted by: Oceans Initiative on August 12, 2017.