The Aeroplan member donation program has raised 1,072,821,604 miles for 1,280 causes.

  • A Somali family is together in Belgium thanks to Aeroplan miles dona

    Last month we reunited a Somali refugee family in Belgium thanks to your Aeroplan donations! This family was flown on Brussels Airlines. The great thing about Aeroplan donations is that they can also be used on any of Air Canada's many partners, allowing us to reunite deserving... Read more »

  • Cancer patient donates miles weeks before his death.

    Thank you to the dozens of people who have been contributing to Love a Village, enabling us to bring our Malawian implementing partner Daniel Nyirenda (Director, Rural Development Partners (RDP)) to Canada. Together, you made it possible!  Together, your donated miles,... Read more »

  • Aeroplan Miles to help two students with their overseas travel

    The 2017–2018 Aeroplan campaign allowed us to collect enough Aeroplan Miles to help two students with their overseas travel.Thanks to donations of Aeroplan Miles, Ouatina Bamba of the Faculty of Education left for Cote d’Ivoire this summer to take part in an educational and... Read more »

  • Without the donation program, we would never have been able to do it!

    We all held our breath, willing the plane to land.  It was our third attempt at getting into Pangirtung, Nunavut (Pang).   The first two attempts had been unsuccessful due to foggy conditions and we had to turn back to Iqaluit to wait it out. This time, it was a beautiful, clear... Read more »

  • Your donation of Aeroplan Miles helped us attend this conference.

    We were able to travel to our rescue conference in Vancouver thanks to the generous donation of Aeroplan Miles.  We were able to liaise and learn ways to better work with remote communities for the health of both the people and animals. Thank-youI We can always use Aeroplan Miles... Read more »

  • Over 60 animals were brought to the clinic on September 15/16th, 2018

    Thanks to all of your generous donations we were able to get to Saik'uz and 60 plus animals were vet checked and given appropriate vaccinations, parasite control and treatment. Your Aeroplan Mile donations are a huge reason our work with this remote community can continue.  We are... Read more »

  • If this doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies, not much will! Read more »

  • We are happy to announce that we just held a FREE spay/neuter clinic in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. This community of 1,400 has zero access to vet services. From Sept 11-16 2018 the IHS partnered with CAAT to bring vaccines, surgeries and gerenal appointments to the population. A total of 11 vets... Read more »

  • Our largest single use of miles ever! Miles4Migrants helped reunite

    With our largest single use of miles ever, Miles4Migrants helped to reunite a refugee family from Burundi in Canada! Their mom/wife had been in Canada without her family for 4 years, but after almost 24 hours of flying the rest of them arrived last week at Pearson Airport to a happy... Read more »

  • You made this happen, wonderful Aeroplan donors!!!

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