Clarence Jones, who lives in Gitsegukla, British Columbia, has been a long time Terry Fox supporter. For many years he has ensured that Terry’s dream lives on in his small and remote community, however it had been a long-standing wish of his to attend the volunteer run organizer workshop hosted in the British Columbia and Yukon office. Because of the generous donation of aeroplan miles, Clarence was able to attend the workshop in May 2014.  The opportunity allowed him to meet Foundation staff and connect with run organizers from around the province who work hard to share Terry’s dream in the communities they call home. 

Another committed Terry Fox volunteer was also able to attend a workshop very important to them in May 2014 because of your generous aeroplan miles donations; George Maratos, a run organizer of seven years was able to come face to face with the change he was helping to create. He and forty-strong other Terry Fox supporters attended a workshop held at the Terry Fox Research Institute and were treated to a tour of the facility by a Terry Fox researcher and a chance to see up close and personal the work that is being done with the funds they have worked so hard to raise.

It is only through the dedication of our supporters, the success of our past contribution campaign, and your generous aeroplan miles donations can we make these visits possible while maintaining our main goal of funding innovative cancer research in the hopes to end the suffering of this illness, extend the lives and improve the health of our friends, families, and neighbors.

 Your donated aeroplan miles make it possible for us to continue the work of spreading Terry’s dream across Canada and the entire global community. From all of us at the Terry Fox Foundation, we would like to extend a deep, sincere thank you.

Posted by: The Terry Fox Foundation on August 25, 2015.

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