Because Feeding Nunavut is a volunteer run organization, we know the challenge of recruiting and keeping volunteers! 


In Nunavut, most community-based food assistance programs such as food banks and soup kitchens also rely on volunteers to exist. Lack of volunteer support is one of the primary reasons for program failure.


In addition to using Feeding Nunavut Aeroplan Miles for travel to/in/from Nunavut, and to reward Feeding Nunavut volunteers for service, we will also be offering Aeroplan Miles to some Nunavut community-based food aid programs to be used to recruit and reward volunteer service. 


We are so thankful to have received so many Aeroplan Miles donations from awesome people like you. Because of your generous support, we are able to further our mandate by rewarding the service of those that help provide for the territory's most vulnerable.


We are so thrilled to be able to support the work of important programs in a way that also promotes individual health and well-being. 


High Five! Thank you to all that have donated miles to make this possible! You all Rock!



Note: Offer exists while Miles last. All bookings as per Aeroplan stipulations.



Posted by: Feeding Nunavut on January 17, 2019.

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