Donations raised our 200,000 mile goal for World Oceans Day!

    Thanks to all your donations we raised the 200.000 points for World Oceans Day! This has been generously matched by Aeroplan! With these miles in hand, we can fly our team to Dominica for next season and instead use our limited research funding to spend more time with the whales, purchase... Read more »

  • Thank you for your ongoing support

    Because of your amazing support we have been able to give 1 million miles in making flights of compassion happen.  Thank you! You are amazing! Read more »

  • The Canadian Animal Assistance Team were invited by the Turks and Caicos SPCA to assist them in the animal overpopulation and health issues on the Island of Grand Turk.   After months of organization, fundraising and planning our team arrived on the Island to hold an Animal Health Care... Read more »

  • A Major Milestone!

    We have hit 1,000,000 miles donated

    Give A Mile had a picnic event on May 31st.  From that event and from all the amazing support we have recieved we have hit 1,000,000 miles donated.  Thank you! Because of your help we are now able to give away at least another 5 flights.  Hope that gives you a huge... Read more »

  • Season Opener

    She's back!!!

    Thank you for donating your miles and helping Hayley get to California this April to compete at the first meet of the season.  Hayley fully ruptured her achilles tendon last April, had emergency surgery and was told it would be a full year to recover and even then, they gave her a 50-50... Read more »

  • Pedro's Visit

    Pedro's wife and daughter were able to come visit him using donated miles while Pedro is being treated for stage IV cancer.  Thank you for all the great support to make this visit happen.   Read more »

  • Because of all your great support we have been able to make 14 flights

    Because of all your great support we have been able to make 14 flights happen since January.  Outlined below is an amazing letter from Juanita Flight #12. We feel she does a beautiful job illustrating the power of the gift all of us are giving with a flight.  We hope if warms your... Read more »

  • Erin defends her doctorate at the University of St Andrews

    This has been our team's biggest year yet.  We're having a baby in April. And Erin just submitted her doctoral thesis at the University of St Andrews! With your help, she's learned a million new things about Pacific white-sided dolphins.   We have used your donations... Read more »

  • Donated Miles Provide Specialized Training Opportunities

    Access to previously donated miles have allowed us to bring in talented and skilled professionals to work with the teams, including Neil Barnes from New Zealand.  Men’s Team Manager, Gareth Rees, noted that “having Aeroplan Mikes available to our team allowed us to bring in... Read more »

  • Thanks to supporters RAVEN was able to offset hotel costs!

    Miles donated were used to assist Tsilhqot'in Nation Elders as they undertake a journey from their homeland in BC to appear before the Supreme Court of Canada on Nov. 7, 2013 seeking recognition of Aboriginal title for the first time in Canadian history. On the first day of our campaign,... Read more »