• African grandmothers are emerging as powerful leaders!

    Beginning with the first International Grandmothers Gathering in 2006 and culminating with the recent South Africa Grandmothers Gathering on the eve of the XXI International AIDS Conference, donated Aeroplan Miles have also supported African grandmothers’ struggle to secure... Read more »

  • Forging New Partnerships

    Progress for some has not been progress for all!

    At the Stephen Lewis Foundation, donated Aeroplan Miles have also facilitated the formation of new partnerships, with organizations doing HIV & AIDS-related work with LGBT communities on the African continent.  The Foundation's burgeoning collaboration with these... Read more »

  • A great opportunity for learning and networking

    Trout Unlimited Canada was represented at the recent National Energy Board Pipeline Safety Forum in Calgary, AB by a dedicated member and volunteer from TUC's Ted Knott chapter. TUC was able to sponsor a portion of his travel costs thanks to the Aeroplan Miles generously donated though... Read more »

  • Without you, Jennifer may never have been able to come share her story

    We believe, as I’m sure you do too, that aid work overseas should be stable and long lasting. That’s one reason the majority of our overseas team work in the communities where they were born and still live. If there is one downside to this, it’s that most of them will never... Read more »

  • Thank you to our donors for helping build this

    By converting donated Aeroplan Miles to Home Hardware gift cards we have been able to purchase materials (lumber, gates, and hardware) to build this great corral sorting system!  This helps us to sort horses when vaccinating or deworming, provides a nice shaded area for the farrier to... Read more »

  • A Major Milestone!

    We have just hit a major milestone.  100 flights!  100 flights…. What an incredible moment…. Think of the impact you have all made.  Just think about a 100 flights.  People distressed and worried.  People unable to get to their loved ones,... Read more »

  • 360,000 miles buys $3000.00 worth of building materials.

    Today we redeemed some of the Aeroplan Miles donated by so many wonderful people from all over!  Three thousand dollars worth of Home Hardware Gift Cards have been ordered that will purchase materials to build new fencing and help get started on the Seniors Facility expansion. ... Read more »

  • Thank you!

    During our March 2 to 8 matching week, hundreds of dedicated supporters helped us surpass our goal of raising one million Aeroplan Miles. In fact, by the end of the week, an astonishing 1.8 million miles had been donated by amazing Aeroplan members like you! With Aeroplan’s generous... Read more »

  • Protecting whales by keeping the ocean quiet

    We are thrilled to announce that our co-founder, Dr Rob Williams, has won one of five prestigious Pew Fellowships in Marine Conservation.  He will use the award to fund field work to explore effects of ocean noise on whales, dolphins, fish and ocean health.  He will also build... Read more »

  • Keep on going....

    "You're never a loser until you quit trying!"

    Hi All, I wanted to share some updates with you. Thank you again for your help on donating miles to my charity. I've been able to attend another world cup and guess what...successully raised my ranking to be considered for the PAN American Games in Toronto this summer!... Read more »