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Veterinarians Without Borders - Canada works with vulnerable populations to foster the health of animals, people, and the environments in which they interact.

Working to increase animal health, ecosystem health, and human health which are deeply connected, VWB/VSF seeks solutions that address the root causes of the challenges facing disadvantaged communities. By sharing our skills and expertise in animal and ecosystem health, we strive to help improve human health, food production systems, and promote sustainable livelihoods. Working in Africa and Asia with a focus on increasing the livelihoods of farmers via increased animal health and community health, we are also working in isolated northern Canadian communities to support the implementation of sustainable animal health service delivery.

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news and updates

  • Increasing food production under difficult circumstances

    In 2019, South Sudan was among the eight countries identified by the Food Security Information Network with the most severe food security problems on the planet. At any given time, more than half of the population is short of food and more than 1 million people are on the brink of... Read more »

  • Volunteers have always been an important element in the success of Veterinarians without Borders/Vétérinaires sans Frontières (VWB/VSF). At the beginning it was run exclusively by volunteers, and even after it was able to hire staff, volunteers continued to carry much of the organizational... Read more »

  • For more than a decade VWB/VSF has supported other organizations, including Canadian veterinary schools, in their efforts to provide care in remote, under-served communities in the Canadian North. Without access to spay and neuter services, dog populations can spiral out of control, and without... Read more »

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