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While the country—and most of the world—comes together to flatten the curve of demand on acute care services directly related to COVID-19, we are seeing signs of a spike in mental health issues and needs for young people. is quickly expanding our digital programming to support these growing youth mental health needs. We’ve launched a COVID-19 youth mental health resource hub in partnership with Kids Help Phone and School Mental Health Ontario and we’re creating a weekly social media series to share strategies for self care and online events to foster social connection online. We’re also dedicating more resources to sharing our digital mental health resource Be There and contextualizing the content to COVID-19 so that young people in Canada have the tools they need to support one another right now.

We’re rapidly adapting our in-person programs too, piloting a “Virtual” Jack Talk presentation with facilitation resources for teachers to include in their remote learning offerings. We’re supporting our Jack Chapters to host impactful digital mental health initiatives, and we’re planning a digital “Day of Action” to promote positive mental health online. And while we can’t gather in person, we’re hosting our National Jack Summit and Regional Summits online for youth delegates across the country, including regional and national digital collaboration sessions connecting our young leaders with each other and sharing their insights with the federal Minister of Youth, Diversity and Inclusion.

During this time of physical distancing, it’s more important than ever that we provide young people with digital tools to help them cope, build supportive communities, and access mental health support. It’s a significant challenge, but with 3,000 young leaders across Canada alongside us, is ready to meet it.

news and updates

  • There’s too much to discuss. Too much to get done.

    The cold winds of Montreal can certainly leave a chill inside your bones. Winter in Québec provides lots of snow with very little sun...and that can make a Saturday morning in January the perfect time to stay cozy in bed. But not for Young Leaders. There’s too much to discuss.... Read more »

  • Be There: It's About Time exists and we need to use it.

    Kenzie Brenna is a 29 year old self love enthusiast, mental health advocate and actress from Toronto. Kenzie has struggled with an eating disorder and body image issues over the years but now uses her experience to educate others. She uses social media as a transparency... Read more »

  • I hadn't have even considered going to the walk-in...

    "Without Esther's suggestion that a doctor could help me in ways she could not, I wouldn't have even considered going to the walk-in. And without Ann's support and presence at the clinic, I may not have had the courage to walk through the door." Lying on my couch sobbing, I called Esther.... Read more »

  • We asked the LGBTQ2S+ community in our network to share...

    "Solitude and personal reflection are really important for me to figure out what's going wrong and what I can do to better myself to put my own happiness first.” This Pride Month, we asked the LGBTQ2S+ community within our network to share their experiences as part of both the queer and... Read more »

  • Growth is Not Enough.

    A word from Eric Windeler, Founder & Executive Director of

    Each and every year, we’ve been lucky enough to report on the significant expansion of’s programs across Canada, and this year is no exception. Each of our programs grew by more than 30%, and we launched our most ambitious project yet—Be There—which has already seen over 100,000 unique... Read more »

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