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We treat thousands of children & families in our free clinics every year. AAI is non-religious or political, and we treat every person who knocks on our doors. In the countries where we operate, people simply have nowhere else to turn and we are the only organization providing dental services in real, local clinics. For people who suffer with the constant pain of dental disease, our dentists are literally lifesavers. We also distribute more than 35,000 free dental kits in schools and clinics every year, giving children who could never afford their own, a very real chance at oral health. As a 100% volunteer charity with almost zero overhead, your donations go directly to treat children and their families and not to bureaucracy or fundraising campaigns.

Our Medical Assistance Program supplies African hospitals and clinics with urgently needed anesthetics and clinical hygiene products. We are a front-line operation, so every cent raised goes directly to our programs - real help in real time.

Your generous donation of miles brings more dentists and medical supplies from Canada to our clinics in Africa - every mile donated goes directly to helping those in need.

Please check out our website at for more information about our work and impact.

Thank you for your support - we couldn't do it without you!!

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  • One by one, we continue to treat horrible cases of dental decay, giving children and families in West Africa the tools and knowledge to avoid dental problems in the future. In a country where decent medical care is simply not available - every step is crucial. Read more »