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We treat thousands of suffering children and their families in our free clinics, on an ongoing basis throughout the year. AAI is neither religious nor political and we help everyone who knocks on our doors. In the countries where we operate, people simply have nowhere else to turn and we are the only organization providing free dental care in accessible local clinics. For people living with the constant pain of untreated dental disease, our dentists are literally lifesavers. We also distribute more than 45,000 free dental kits in schools and clinics every year, giving those who could never afford their own, the tools for a lifetime of oral health. As a 100% volunteer charity with almost zero overhead, your donations go directly to treat children and their families and not to bureaucracy or fundraising campaigns.

Our Medical Assistance Program supplies West African hospitals and clinics with urgently needed anesthetics and clinical hygiene products. We are a front-line operation, so every cent raised goes directly to our programs - real help in real time.

Your generous donation of miles brings more dentists and medical supplies from Canada to our clinics in Africa - every mile donated goes directly to helping those in need.

Please check out our website at for more information about our work and how you can help.

Thank you for your support - we couldn't do it without you!!

news and updates

  • With the help of generous donors like you, our free clinics are treating more children than ever. Already this year we've performed over 1250 oral surgeries and distributed more than 11000 dental kits to African children!  Read more »

  • Your miles made this happen!

    So far this year our free dental clinics in Guinea have treated over 5200 suffering women and children! Your miles donations helped make this happen by allowing us to bring even more dentists and supplies to one of the most desperate places on earth. Over the next year we plan to double our... Read more »

  • The donate miles program is what makes this possible!

    So far in 2019, we have successfully treated over 3000 children in our Conakry and Kobaya clinics in Guinea. The donated miles is what makes this possible as it allows us to focus our resources on increasing the quantity and quality of the surgical supplies we need to make it happen.  Read more »

  • Your Aeroplan miles help kids in some of the poorest places on earth

    Thanks to your generous donations of miles, we have been able to give many thousands of African children and families their first ever toothbrushes, paste & floss! Our ongoing program gets kids who could never afford it - the tools to avoid horrible dental decay and oral disease. Without your... Read more »

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