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The Iqaluit Humane Society raises awareness about the humane treatment of companion animals and assists the City of Iqaluit with animal abandonment and overpopulation issues. The IHS is a registered non-profit and, to date, we’ve saved over 7,500 animals. The IHS is the first animal shelter in the Territory of Nunavut, which is located in the remote Canadian Arctic on Baffin Island. We experience harsh winter conditions lasting up to 10 months of the year (we even had a snow fall in July), making it even more critical to save animals quickly that have lost their home.

news and updates

  • We are happy to announce that we just held a FREE spay/neuter clinic in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. This community of 1,400 has zero access to vet services. From Sept 11-16 2018 the IHS partnered with CAAT to bring vaccines, surgeries and gerenal appointments to the population. A total of 11 vets... Read more »

  • Clinics Coming Soon!

    If you have donated miles you have helped bring vets to Iqaluit in 2016 and to Igloolik in 2017. We were able to host FREE clinics that included spay/neuter services, vaccines and general checkups. In those two clinics alone, we cared for over 300 animals. Due to their successes and high... Read more »

  • This summer (June 12-24) the IHS, in partnership with the Chinook Project, brought two vets and five vet students to Igloolik, Nunavut. They generous donated their time and supplies. We offered FREE spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and check ups. There is currently no vet in Igloolik and... Read more »

  • 150 animals vaccinated and fixed for FREE

    Did you donate miles? You made this happen!! We spent our miles to bring 7 vets to the north and provide a FREE spay/neuter clinic. The vets saw just over 150 animals in 4.5 days. The vets were part of the Chinook Project and flew from Atlantic Veterinary College (PEI) to Iqaluit. We used... Read more »

  • Campaign coming soon!

    First off, we'd like to say a huge thank you to all those who have contributed to our cause. We have some news that we will be launching a campaign this summer! This means that we can set a goal and if we hit 90% of that goal then Aeroplan will donate 10% to cap us off! Exciting, huh? So... Read more »