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The Dominica Sperm Whale Project seeks to learn more about these mysterious ocean giants in order to protect and conserve populations of whales worldwide. The whale families in the Caribbean have given us the opportunity to come to know them not just as animals, but as individuals within families; as brother and sisters, as mother and babysitters, and as a community of neighbours living together in the Caribbean Sea. Now ten years in, we have followed calves from birth and know that families have lived in the region since 1984, but likely for generations. Please help us ensure they have a healthy ocean in which to raise their next generation.

news and updates

  • We have reach our short-term mileage goal for 2017

    Thank you to all of our donors for ensuring that we met our goal for this season! We will use the donated miles to bring our research team down to Dominica for the next reseach season.  #withAeroplan our team can get to and from our time with the whale familes evey year! Read more »

  • Learn more about the DSWP on social media

    Hi Everyone! We jsut wanted to let all of our new donors that they can follow the project on their favourite social media site.  Learn about the day to day on the project and improtant information on ocean conservation and sperm whale behaviour and culture. LIKE us on Facebook:... Read more »

  • WE DID IT!

    Donations raised our 200,000 mile goal for World Oceans Day!

    Thanks to all your donations we raised the 200.000 points for World Oceans Day! This has been generously matched by Aeroplan! With these miles in hand, we can fly our team to Dominica for next season and instead use our limited research funding to spend more time with the whales, purchase... Read more »

  • Donate miles to support ocean research on World Oceans Day

    June 8 is World Oceans Day! Its a day to think about our how integral a part of our lives the oceans really are and how our daily lives impact the oceans; and most importantly, what we can do to improve our interactions with wild marine spaces and species. The truth is that the... Read more »

  • We will be on the boat and with the whales in a few weeks!

    The beginning of each year's field season is always exciting!  Getting all the team together after flying from all over the world, Thanks to Aeroplan and your donations! Our first day on the water alwyas comes with the excitment of who we will meet up with first. We have been... Read more »