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The idea of blindness is paralyzing. When your sight disappears, so does the world around you. Imagine not being able to see the chalkboard, not being able to read a book, not being able to see your child’s artwork, and missing the beauty of nature.

For people who live in developing countries, losing sight is catastrophic. For children, access to education disappears. For adults, the ability to support their families disappears. They are often unemployed with no way to support their families or contribute to their communities. Yet, for millions of people, this impairment could be treated, or could have been prevented, with access to quality eye health care. They are needlessly suffering.

Together, we can prevent blindness and restore sight. We can transform lives.

Operation Eyesight is a Canada-based international development organization dedicated to eliminating avoidable blindness. Since 1963, our organization has brought sight-restoring treatment and blindness prevention to millions of people in Africa and South Asia. We employ a community-focused model of eye care to address the needs of individuals and the root causes of blindness, including poverty and gender inequity. This model can be scaled to countries around the world, with the potential to eliminate avoidable blindness worldwide. It positions us to become an important player in implementing the recommendations of the World Health Organization’s 2019 World Report on Vision, which calls for an integrated approach.

Operation Eyesight delivers quality, sustainable eye health care to the people who need it the most. Learn more at

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