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Feeding Nunavut is an independent, non-partisan advocacy and educational organization whose purpose is to improve the well-being of people in the Canadian North, specifically Nunavut. Our goals are to promote civic improvement by addressing food insecurity and the challenging living conditions in Nunavut, and to work, whenever possible, with national, regional and local organizations, to support, assess and evaluate programs addressing issues of hunger, poverty, housing, education and health, particularly mental health.

news and updates

  • Because Feeding Nunavut is a volunteer run organization, we know the challenge of recruiting and keeping volunteers!  In Nunavut, most community-based food assistance programs such as food banks and soup kitchens also rely on volunteers to exist. Lack of volunteer support is one of the... Read more »

  • Aeroplan Miles have proven crucial to help us implement our mission

    An update for all that have donated their Aeroplan Miles to Feeding Nunavut. Your Aeroplan Miles have proven crucial to help us implement our mission. During the last year we have used your donated miles for the following: Travel to execute Hunter Support Program. This program provided... Read more »

  • Harvester Support Program

    Harvesting Food Security in Nunavut

    Despite anti-poverty efforts, hunger in Canada has not decreased – and it has now reached epidemic levels in Nunavut, where almost half of households suffer from food insecurity, according to a new study by University of Toronto researchers. The Nunavut Food Security... Read more »

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