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About the Aeroplan Member Donation Program

Aeroplan wants to help you make a difference.

Since 2006, we’ve been helping members give back to causes that are close to their hearts. The Aeroplan member donation program helps members support Canadian-based initiatives that are working to improve lives and assist communities locally, across Canada and around the world. 

How it works

Think of it as an online platform where Aeroplan members can connect with more than 300 organizations, charities and causes that they care about, and help make a difference in the world by donating their miles to worthy initiatives.

Individual members can make donations on a one-time basis or on an ongoing basis by earmarking 2% of their miles automatically every time they earn by updating their profile on

In some cases, community members can join forces to use donated miles to help families or individuals in need of serious medical help or for other kinds of emergency assistance. 

Making your miles matter

Where do your donated miles go? The Aeroplan member donation program allows approved charities to establish an account through the program and set a specific goal for the number of Aeroplan Miles they want to raise through member donations. 

Drawing from these donated Aeroplan Miles, charities can then redeem within the Aeroplan Program for such things as air travel, car rental, hotel stays and merchandise. Charities can also use donated Aeroplan Miles as prizes for fundraising, along with items obtained through redemption of donated miles, such as laptops and gift certificates.


Organization or charity looking to get involved?

Want to tap into the kindness of Aeroplan members? If your organization or charitable initiative wishes to benefit from the Aeroplan member donation program, please go here to apply now. 

An Aeroplan member donation program account is subject to the Aeroplan Program Terms & Conditions and the member donation program Terms & Conditions.

For further details on the Aeroplan member donation program, please refer to the FAQ.

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