Our Year End Report highlights the progress behind all of our Canadian and African ventures in 2016. In it you’ll find a summary of our investments for growing ventures and seeking new ones. We call it intelligent development. Read the report now >

You’ll see how that approach plays out in seeking out and growing innovations, and investing in leaders in Africa and Canada. And you’ll learn about the incredible leverage that this Intelligent Development approach creates, and how a ‘multiplier’ effect dramatically increases the value of every dollar (and mile) invested by EWB, and in EWB.

EWB believes that success in development is not possible without taking risks and innovating – which inevitably means failing sometimes. We also believe that it’s important to publicly celebrate these failures, which allows us to share the lessons more broadly and create a culture that encourages creativity and calculated risk taking. This is a culture we value within EWB, and also try to work with our partners in Africa to create in their organizations.

We are excited to be able to share these Failure Reports from our program staff and volunteers. You can read the reports at reports.ewb.ca

Posted by: Engineers Without Borders Canada on September 03, 2012.