Rally4Life wraps up a busy year on two continents

As life continues to accelerate for us, we are gearing up for a busier than ever 2013.

In 2012 we had the prvilege of working with partners and donors to initiate 4 safe water projects in the Samburu region of Kenya.

The Samburu people are a hardy community of bush people who deal with repetitive drought and a lack of support from the Kenyan government. With your help, we were able to intiiate projects which will provide safe water to almost 6,000 people.

Later in 2012, a group of people from BC joined us in Guatemala as one of our advocates, Mark Jennings-Bates prepared to enter his first ever ultramarathon.

Eight people joined Mark running as relay teams while he attemped to run the 100km solo event.

Not only did the group compete in the Ultramarathon and achieve their best ever running results, they played a large part in installing safer stoves in to several Guatemalan homes.

Guatemala has the highest child mortality rate for children below 5 years of age. Largely due to burns and bronchial issues because of poorly vented cookstoves.

The team also raised funds to purchase a school in a slum are aof Nicaragua.

Thank you for your support. The donations are an incredible help as we work hard to provide the due diligence required to ensure that our public donations are wisely invested as well as project management oversight as required.

May you have a blessed 2013.

Posted by: Rally4Life on January 01, 2013.