100,000 miles raised! A BIG thank you to all our supporters!

Your donation has helped communities in the developing world.

It was down to the last final hours, but thanks to a few last minute donations, we made our 100,000 mile goal for our contribution campaign! The 30 day campaign ran from December 6th, 2012 to January 4th, 2013. We are so grateful to everyone who donated their miles - whether it was 1,000 or 25,346 miles, each donation was equally important to us. Thank you so much for your contributions, and we hope you can continue to support our charity in the future.

These donated miles will mean that instead of spending valuable dollars on necessary travel costs, we can now funnel that money directly into our programs and projects. We currently provide volunteers and funding for 12 different host partners in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. They provide crucial community development programs that aim to break the cycle of poverty by providing housing, education, job training, clean water, health care, and food to those in need. These projects are sustainable, community-led, and make a real difference for so many people worldwide.

For more information about charitable non-profit organization, please visit www.developingworldconnections.org.

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Posted by: Developing World Connections, BC on January 09, 2013.