Beyond Miles Program can help the next family

We were introduced to this family by caring neighbours. Both father and eldest son lost an eye due to ocular cancer in infancy. Another child arrived and the family was active in music, sports and other community initiatives. 

In 2012 the father's cancer agressively returned. He began immediate treaments and the family rallied around him. The agressive chemo schedule took a toll on the entire family and neighbours could tell that they were all exhausted. It was at the start on the 2012 school year that another diagnosis would shake the family. The wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and soon started going to chemo treatments with her husband. 

The fall and winter was a gruelling cycle of appointments and treatments. Sadly in Feb. 2013 the father passed away. His wish was that one day he would take the entire family to Hawaii and one year after his passing we are making his wish come true. 

Thanks to generous donation we are able to provide this trip to this most deserving family. 

Posted by: Never Alone Foundation on January 31, 2014.