"You're never a loser until you quit trying!"

Hi All,

I wanted to share some updates with you.

Thank you again for your help on donating miles to my charity. I've been able to attend another world cup and guess what...successully raised my ranking to be considered for the PAN American Games in Toronto this summer! :)

It's been a tough and challenging year for me...from all angles, yet I'm still standing strong! From tears of joy to tears of pain, it's all worth it, knowing I may proudly represent my country at the Games.

I have a few more tournaments left until the end of qualification for the Games. I'm almost there...and don't plan on stopping.

Help me get to the top with your continuous donations in miles! I am so close to booking another world cup by using my miles. KEEP IT GOING :)

Thank you to everyone..sending hugs and kisses to all...you guys rock! You are all a part of my journey!

GO GET 'EM!!!!


Joanna <3

"You're never a loser until you quit trying!"

And thank you again to Aeroplan Beyond Miles! #aeroplanbeyondmiles

Posted by: Joanna Guy - The Road to the Olympics on February 18, 2015.