Ruby, 8 years old with a brain tumour wished to have a trampoline.  With the help of the Haines Junction, Yukon community, Ruby’s wish came true in a very special way – and her brother Holling was right along to share in all the fun.

“Ruby & Holling were outside when Martin (Fire Chief, Haines Junction Volunteer Fire Department) rang to say they were on their way.  The kids were biking around the loop in the yard when they heard the fire truck.

Around 7 pm, the truck drove in the gate and our kids were FLOORED.   It was amazing to see– the trampoline so big and something you just knew was going to provide hours of family fun. We didn't get them off of the trampoline until 11pm that night! The HJVFD Firefighters let the kids ride in the fire truck and blow all the horns, sirens and flash the lights.  Happiest kids in town I reckon!

I'm very glad Ruby chose this wish.  Ruby said to me earlier “Mom, I just want something that Holling can have fun with if I'm not around in the future, you know...when I go to the Rainbow Bridge to meet Look (our dog that passed away a month before Ruby got sick)."

This was definitely the right choice for her and her brother. The kids are outside on the trampoline every day.

Ruby and I were on it just this afternoon watching clouds and she turned to me and said "This is the BEST summer EVER."

Wonderful.  Just wonderful.  Thank you again and again, Make-A-Wish does such wonderful things for kids.  We really appreciate this. - Ruby's Mom.

A very special thank you to Canadian Tire, Whitehorse; Haines Junction Volunteer Fire Department; Green Apple General Store and The 14 Acre Farm, Haines Junction.

Thank you to SPFK 2015 for adopting Ruby's Wish!

Check out Ruby's Wish reveal here!

Posted by: Make A Wish Bc And Yukon on July 28, 2015.