Just as an update: our charitable pooling account will remain open until we receive word that we can travel to Taiwan and finalize Maylee's adoption.  Donations can still be made up until that point. 

At 450,000 miles, we have enough for 3 business class tickets to Taiwan.  This is such a huge blessing, as the trip will be an adventure (to say the least).  :)  We'll be travelling with our 3 year old on the way over, and he and Maylee will be with us on the way back.  The trip will take 20-30 hours (with 2 layovers), and the time difference will be 15 hours.  

We're really hoping that our court date happens sooner than later.  If it ends up being after June 3rd, Maylee will be 2 years old and we'll need to purchase another ticket for her on the way home.  Any extra Aeroplan miles we receive would go towards this need.  If our court date is sooner, and we have extra miles, they'll either go towards 1) a companion ticket for someone to accompany us to help care for Bo while he's getting used to the new time zone and we're needing to spend time with our daughter at her orphanage, or while we're involved in any adoption related formalities.  Or 2) extra miles would be used for other travel related expenses (like hotel or vehicle needs).

So if you wish to still donate, please know that your miles will still be incredibly helpful.  And thank you for your support! 


Posted by: Bringing Maylee Home on December 26, 2015.