Travelling light

You really are amazing, you know that?

When we think of studying whales, dolphins & porpoises, we think of the science we need to inform smart decisions to protect endangered species and spaces. But a lot of what we do comes down to logistics. To study wild whales, we need to move a lot of people (from the office to the field, and vice versa) and equipment. Check out a typical pile of field gear for a 2-week field season.

You make this work happen.

We have had a number of conservation success stories over the last few years. With our partners at Conservation International Indonesia, we helped train 40 university faculty and students in the basics of studying whales and dolphins from small boats. We proposed a protected area for the endangered orca off southern Vancouver Island. We detected an alarming decline in pink river dolphins in the Colombian Amazon

Your donated Aeroplan miles help us do this work. Flights. Hotels. Car rentals. You've made the "behind-the-scenes" work happen. 

Today is GivingTuesday. To everyone who has helped our organization financially or with Aeroplan miles, thank you. We couldn't do this work without you.

Posted by: Oceans Initiative on November 29, 2016.