“No matter how bad things are, I know I’ll eat. -Sarah

Two years ago, Sarah never would have imagined her life ending up where it is today.  

She was working full-time as a nurse. She earned her degree and was always able to support herself. Then she moved to Mississauga from Northern Ontario, seeking a better life. She quickly learned that finding stable, full-time employment was incredibly difficult.  

“I work through an agency, so it’s temp work. Since I got to Mississauga, I just haven’t been able to get work in my field. I never thought I would have to use a food bank. Never. It happened so fast.”  

Sarah’s experience reflects what is happening all around Mississauga at an alarming rate. Full-time work has become increasingly difficult to find. That means people don’t have steady income to depend on, so they are faced with choosing between paying their bills and buying groceries.   It’s a choice no one should have to make.

Sarah relies on the food bank to make ends meet when she’s between temp jobs.   “I went to the grocery store the other day and it was 6 bucks for hamburger meat. That’s really hard when you are working minimally,” Sarah said. “No matter how bad things are, I know I’ll eat. And that’s important. I’m very grateful for the food bank.”   

Thanks to generous people like you, Sarah has a place to go. A place to depend on when jobs are hard to come by. She has access to nutritious food each month, which is crucial for her health and also gives her the chance to get back on her feet.

You are making hope possible for so many in our city who have felt hungry and hopeless. . . Thank you for making our community healthier and stronger!

Posted by: The Mississauga Food Bank on March 15, 2017.