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Canada’s future depends on the availability of clean water for drinking, food production, a strong economy and healthy wild spaces. This valuable resource is under threat. Trout Unlimited Canada is the only national organization fighting to protect this resource, and working to physically restore Canada’s water for you.

With your generous donation of Aeroplan miles, Trout Unlimited Canada can carry out more programs across Canada and advocate for the protection of our water. By offsetting travel costs, this means we are able to direct more funds into repairing habitat, improving water quality and ensuring Canadians have plenty of clean, cold water now and in the future.

Since Trout Unlimited Canada joined the Aeroplan member donation program, TUC has used donated Aeroplan miles to offset travel-related expenses for various initiatives including enabling TUC staff members in Ontario to travel to Calgary for annual staff planning sessions, helping to ensure TUC’s presence at meetings with the federal government in Ottawa, facilitating education programming in British Columbia and much more.

news and updates

  • Streams and Christmas trees

    Putting old Christmas trees to good use following the holiday season

    Over the summer the TUC Ontario Small Watershed Action Team (SWAT) received over 300 used, donated Christmas trees from two major sources: Somerville Nurseries Inc. and the Ignatius Jesuit Centre (IJC)  The donated Christmas trees, that would otherwise be brought... Read more »

  • Ontario SWAT Crew 2018

    The Small Watershed Action Team (SWAT) had a busy summer

    Ontario SWAT Crew 2018,  that’s a wrap! This past summer TUC’s Monitoring and Assessment Biologist, Alex Meeker, led her Small Watershed Action Team (SWAT) Crew, students John and Jordan, through five Ontario watersheds. Together they conducted small-scale aquatic... Read more »

  • An important Bull Trout spawning, overwintering & nursery stream

    Rocky Creek is a tributary to the Clearwater River and is an important Bull Trout spawning, overwintering, and nursery stream. Bull Trout are listed as threatened in Alberta and populations are in decline due to overfishing, habitat degradation and competition with introduced species. At Rocky... Read more »

  • Trout Unlimited Canada uses Prezi (an online presentation platform) to report on our conservation and education programming on both a quarterly and annual basis. Our Conservation and Education Prezi presentations are delivered at our Annual General Meetings and Board meetings and are also... Read more »

  • Increasing habitat for the local Arctic Grayling population

    Many of Alberta’s native salmonids (the family that includes trout, char, whitefish and grayling), have experienced serious declines in their range and populations. One threat facing many of these populations is fragmentation, when larger reaches of habitat are broken into smaller... Read more »