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The Global Alliance for Animals and People (the GAAP) is formed by people and partners across the globe that recognize the importance of maintaining support to people and their animals in Latin America. The GAAP envisions a Latin America where people live in harmony with animals and the environment; where people recognize the cultural, emotional and economic value that they provide us with, so that they manage them in ways that maintain their states of health, sustainability and functionality.
Our projects are focused on animals in disasters, veterinary services, research, education and community development.
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news and updates

  • While most would agree that uncertainty is simply a part of life for us all, for those living in the streets, uncertainty is a constant and unavoidable companion. Pooh and Mickey were born on the streets of southern Chile, kittens to a mother cat that belonged to no one. It is hard to know... Read more »

  • August 22 was our day to head out and visit some of our homeless clients and pets. Although the afternoon was rainy and cold here in Valdivia, we really didn’t want to cancel our outing, since they were expecting us and we didn’t want to disappoint. Our first stop was Nicole who... Read more »

  • First and only source of permanent vet care in his community

    Located in in the Guatemalan highlands, Todos Santos is a remote Mayan community where veterinary services are non-existent. A few years ago, after canine rabies and stray dog aggression became a serious health hazard to the population, the GAAP, along with other organizations like... Read more »

  • These past months we’ve been very busy at the GAAP with our Field Services Program. With the support of Dogs Trust Worldwide, we’ve traveled to 3 rural communities near Valdivia: Futa, Chaihuín and Corral where we have performed 107 sterilizations since the beginning of... Read more »

  • The incredibly bright, 15 year old Roberto is already shining as a young man and promising leader in the community of Todos Santos. Perhaps it’s not surprising that he has been chosen by AJEDE to represent Guatemala in an upcoming trip to the United States. Roberto is an excellent... Read more »

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