Beyond Miles


  • Partner Since 2006

    Veterinarians Without Borders

    Veterinarians Without Borders - Canada works with those in need to foster the health of animals, people and the environments in which they interact. We believe that the health of the many animals with which we share this planet, the ecosystems which are our common home, and the health of our own species are deeply connected. We seek solutions that address the root causes...

  • Partner Since 2006

    Médecins Sans Frontières

    Médecins Sans Frontières provides medical assistance to people worldwide caught in crises: armed conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics and famines. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 “in recognition of the organization's pioneering humanitarian work on several continents”, Médecins Sans Frontières volunteers currently carry out medical humanitarian projects in more...

  • Partner Since 2008

    War Child Canada

    War Child helps protect and restore childhood in war zones by providing education, opportunity and justice programmes where they are needed most. War Child is the only organization that focuses exclusively on children trapped in countries ravaged by war. The physical, emotional and economic impact of war can tear a child’s life apart. Education is disrupted, their...

  • Partner Since 2014

    David Suzuki Foundation

    Founded in 1990, the David Suzuki Foundation’s mission is to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future. Through a combination of sound science and active public outreach, the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) motivates Canadians to take action on the environmental challenges we collectively face. Canadians consistently name DSF as...

  • Partner Since 2004

    Air Canada Foundation

    Aeroplan Miles donated to the Air Canada Foundation are mainly used for the Hospital Transportation Program which helps children to reach medical care not available where they live. For some children, specialized medical treatment is not always available locally. To be able to count on the support of the Air Canada Foundation provides peace of mind for these families as...

  • Partner Since 2006

    The Stephen Lewis Foundation

    The Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) works with community-level organizations which are turning the tide of HIV and AIDS in Africa by providing care and support to women, orphans, grandmothers and people living with HIV and AIDS. Since 2003, we have funded over 1100 initiatives, partnering with 300 community-based organizations in the 15 African countries hardest hit by the...

  • Partner Since 2006

    Schools Without Borders

    Aeroplan Miles donated to SWB changes the face of education by fuelling the most dynamic learning projects in the world. SWB is a learning community that is rethinking the educational paradigm. We work with innovative educators to build, pilot and refine learning projects outside of the classroom. Together we are crafting new narratives on learning with young people who...

  • Partner Since 2004

    Engineers Without Borders Canada

    Aeroplan Miles are critical for enabling EWB to create change in the world. EWB uses Aeroplan Miles to send Canadians to Africa to work in areas like agriculture, water and sanitation, and small business development. And, EWB uses Aeroplan Miles to bring African Leaders to Canada each year. Poverty is the product of broken systems that prevent people from realizing their...

  • Partner Since 2012

    Free The Children

    Free The Children is an international charity and educational partner that believes in a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change. Proudly Canadian, Free the Children was founded in 1995 by then 12 year old Craig Kielburger. Its innovative education and development programs involve more than 1.7 million youth, empowering...

  • Partner Since 2012


    Music counts for so many reasons! It teaches young people the value of practice and teamwork, is proven to increase performance in other academic areas, helps children build their confidence and express themselves and so much more. YOU can help make music count by donating your Aeroplan miles. Aeroplan Miles allow MusiCounts to offset travel costs, enabling us to...