The Aeroplan member donation program has raised 1,319,018,793 miles for 1,390 causes.

  • Give A Mile is helping families during this difficult time

    Give A Mile is assisting  with flights during COVID-19 pandemic.  We are giving flights to key family members to provide care and to be with loved ones.  This is for their loved one to support them during their palliative or critical illness. We will continue to give flights to... Read more »

  • "Hello, I am Nassir, father of Mariam Lolo and Yaya. I am a refugee in Belgium with origins in Guinea. I was living separated from my children for years and it caused me a lot pain. It is difficult to put in words. Today it is my pleasure to write you and say thanks to Caritas International... Read more »

  • The donate miles program is what makes this possible!

    So far in 2019, we have successfully treated over 3000 children in our Conakry and Kobaya clinics in Guinea. The donated miles is what makes this possible as it allows us to focus our resources on increasing the quantity and quality of the surgical supplies we need to make it happen.  Read more »

  • Mom is a refugee in Belgium. She had not seen her daughter, who stayed behind in Cameroon, in years. She applied to have her daughter join her, but the flight costs were very difficult. She asked our partners at Caritas International Belgium for help, they turned to us, and we used your donated... Read more »

  • “Our son Tyler was born with multiple complications, including organ and skeletal anomalies. In September 2016, Tyler had to leave Newfoundland for the first time for treatment at the Shriners in Montreal. His dad and I always attend medical appointments together, and we were so grateful that the... Read more »

  • Backem from London, Ontario

    It makes Beckem’s life better—he looks forward to flying on the plane

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  • The hospital transportation program has been a gift for our family!

    "The hospital transportation program has been a gift for our family. With all the hospitalizations and surgical interventions, the loss in income, hard family moments and many stressful days, to not have to pay for an airline ticket to get to other cities to see specialists and obtain the medical... Read more »

  • "Trips really do change lives- believe me"

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  • Canadian Animal Assistance Team reaches Bella Coola

    Our team arrived on a small plane landing between the mountains in the beautiful Bella Coola valley.   This is where we were to volunteer our veterinary services for the next several days.   We had been invited to this remote community by the Nuxalk Band Chief and two local community... Read more »

  • A huge thank you for making 22 flights happen

    You made 22 flights happen on a goal of 20 flights during this Mother/Father's day for families dealing with end of life care.  Read more »

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