The Aeroplan member donation program has raised 1,072,336,816 miles for 1,280 causes.

  • Thanks to everyone who donated and made it possible!

    We don't have permission to share this refugee family's story at present, which is common among our recipients. Often, this is because the families fear for the safety of relatives that remain in their country of origin. What we can share is that an Iraqi family who had been separated... Read more »

  • Your support helped make 10 Flights happen

    A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Mother & Fathers Day Campaign along with Flight Centre our corporate sponsor who made 10 incredible flights happen.  Read more »

  • Aeroplan Scholarships

    Aeroplan Scholarships make unique opportunities possible

    Michel Megarbane, a student at the Quebec Institute of Tourism and Hospitality (ITHQ), in the Hautes Études program in international hotel management, was privileged to obtain two scholarships to support the completion of mandatory internships.   These scholarships, awarded over... Read more »

  • Emefa-Grace's Wish

    her smile is already so lovely, but you made it even bigger and bright

    No big deal – it’s just Emefa-Grace greeting the big guy himself! Oh, and you know, hanging out with Mary Poppins and The Cat in the Hat! She and her wonderful family enjoyed so many fun things on her wish trip to Disney World! We’re happy to share that she was... Read more »

  • Ghassan's family is finally reunited with him in Sweden!

    Ghassan, his wife, Zainab, and their 5 children left their home in Daraa, Syria in 2013, as the war was becoming very dangerous, and fled to Jordan.  They attempted to settle into life in Jordan but Ghassan was unable to work because of Jordanian laws. Ghassan eventually left for Sweden... Read more »

  • First Goal Reached!

    This March, the first Aeroplan miles goal was reached and $250 was sent directly to her student loan account, making a positive impact on the financial security of Sherry and her family. With the support of generous people, her final goal of 68,750 miles is in sight!  Read more »

  • Home! :)

    After 2.5 years of waiting, Maylee finally came home on November 3, 2017.  :)  We met her in Taiwan on October 23rd and had a wonderful 2 weeks there getting to know each other.  Rick, Bo and I travelled to Taiwan, along with my parents and Rick's Mom.  It was so nice... Read more »

  • Thank you!

    Thank you everyone who has generously donated points! We are a small charity located in the mountains of BC's interior, far from our province's main decision makers. Your miles have taken us all the way to the legislature in Victoria to present our petition calling for permanent... Read more »

  • A Syrian family is now back together and safe in Sweden

    Meet Atheer (2 1/2 yo), Omar (4 1/2 yo), Bessan (6 yo) and Saeed (8 yo). A little under five years ago, Iman (the mother) gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Omar, all alone in their home, in Dara'a, Syria - no doctor, no midwife, no husband. When her contractions started, her husband,... Read more »

  • Clean Water Nicaragua

    The Latitude Project brings clean water to rural homes

    In October of 2017, Nicaragua was hit by the storm caused by Hurricane Nate. Huge increase in rainfall caused many rivers to surge, flooding homes and contaminating water sources. Rural farmers watched as their crops - their livelihoods - were washed away. For days, the strong rainfall, heavy... Read more »