The Aeroplan member donation program has raised 1,301,373,248 miles for 1,383 causes.


    MusiCounts uses Aeroplan Miles to reach more children across Canada and ensure they have access to music in their school or community. Make your miles matter - November 20-26 turn your miles into music! Any Aeroplan Miles donation made this week will be matched by Aeroplan up to 500,000... Read more »

  • Using science to protect killer whale habitat

    One of Canada's iconic species, the southern resident killer whale that lives off Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle, is critically endangered. It now numbers 76 individuals. The whales are not getting enough of their favourite food, Chinook salmon. Too much ocean noise from ships and boats... Read more »

  • Aeroplan Miles have proven crucial to help us implement our mission

    An update for all that have donated their Aeroplan Miles to Feeding Nunavut. Your Aeroplan Miles have proven crucial to help us implement our mission. During the last year we have used your donated miles for the following: Travel to execute Hunter Support Program. This program provided... Read more »

  • Thank you! Aeroplan donations allowed us to access remote communities!

    I wanted to share a few memories from one of the most amazing and challenging CAAT trips I have ever been a part of. These trips are usually 3-5 days long, but for two of us, this trip was a full 12 days! Our volunteer members drive/fly/boat to remote communities to offer free veterinary... Read more »

  • Thank-you IRCC

    Two Syrian refugee families sponsored by Temple Sholom are safely in Canada. The 'pre-arrival' tasks included finding lodging, furniture, and  items people need as daily fare in greater Vancouver. 'Post-arrival' tasks included school selection, registration at govt... Read more »

  • Recipients From Across Canada Take Part In Day of Education & Networki

    On July 12, MusiCounts, Canada’s music education charity associated with the JUNO Awards, hosted an intimate Toronto tour to celebrate the 2017 Fred Sherratt Award recipients. The Award recognizes the outstanding achievement, talent and leadership of graduating students selected from... Read more »

  • This summer (June 12-24) the IHS, in partnership with the Chinook Project, brought two vets and five vet students to Igloolik, Nunavut. They generous donated their time and supplies. We offered FREE spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and check ups. There is currently no vet in Igloolik and... Read more »

  • Support through Aeroplan helps keeps marine rescue volunteers ready

    Two weekend rescues highlight the value of your support through Aeroplan.  RCMSAR volunteers saved three lives after a boat overturned and sank near Victoria.  Our rescue crew spotted one man in the water clinging to a gas can.  He pointed out his companions who were treading... Read more »

  • Your donated Aeroplan Miles made this meeting possible

    The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society has just emerged from a week-long meeting with the directors of its 13 chapters across Canada. The opportunity to protect nature in Canada has never been bigger and the next three years are critical. That’s why gathering our brightest minds and... Read more »

  • Feed for the Horses

    redeemed donations for a gift card to purchase feed for the horses

    Thank you so much to all our Aeroplan donors. We have redeemed donations for a gift card with which to purchase feed for the horses at our recsue facility. WHOAS's main goal is to keep the beautiful wild horses living free on the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains, but sometimes we have... Read more »

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