Respite from Radiation Campaign 2012 is about to begin!

Attention CAC donors and supporters, our campaign to raise Aeroplan Miles to bring 4 children, currently living at the Chausy Orphanage in Belarus, to Canada for respite during the summer of 2013 is about to begin.  During the 30 day campaign (Nov 1 -30) you will be able to donate Aeroplan Miles to help us reach our goal of 300,000 miles.  This will cover the flights for 4 children to come to Canada for 5 weeks, giving them a break from the effects of living in a region still impacted by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.  It has been shown that fresh air and healthy food will have a dramatic effect on their future health.  These children will also have an opportunity to experience living in a loving family environment, something they do not have living in an institutional setting.  So be generous and help us reach our goal!

Posted by: Canadian Aid For Chernobyl on October 29, 2012.