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The Canadian Federation of the Blind (CFB) is a grass-roots organization that strives to improve the lives of the blind and their families. The CFB is not an organization that speaks on behalf of the blind but rather it is an organization of the blind speaking for ourselves. We believe if blind people have proper training and are given equal opportunities, they can successfully compete with their sighted counterparts in many different professions and blindness can be reduced to the level of a physical nuisance.
Our mission is as follows:
• To provide positive public education about blindness in order to improve the social and employment opportunities of blind people;
• To create and maintain initiatives to improve the lives and the status of blind people;
• To encourage a model of service delivery in which blindness-specific programs empower and are accountable to blind people;
• To support legislation that protects the rights of blind people, and to provide support and advocacy in cases of discrimination against the blind;
• To provide settings in which blind children, youth and adults have access to mentoring with successful blind role-models; and,
• To increase self-confidence, travel skills, Braille literacy and independence in blind people.

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